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Plein Air

Annually in March

Join PAPC for their robust, annual, one-day educational program. Experts and award-winning guest artists give demonstrations, answer questions, share tips and hacks on equipment, offer strategy and tactics for everything from how to improve your paintings to how to increase sales. Learn about the PAPC’s upcoming paint out locations, guest artist visits, and special member-only events, as well as what we’re doing to make the season a success behind the scenes. Whether a seasoned painter or new to the field, you’ll leave eager for the painting season to begin! BECOME A MEMBER to register for this event.

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The Masters and Plein Air: Jose Agustin Andreu, expert in art history and facilitator of the copyist program and plein air classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, provides a better understanding of the masters who came before us, and offers tips for painting in your own style.

The Art and Fun of a Successful Plein Air Season, Q&A Panel with Guest Artists: Learn from our experienced guest artists. Share tips and hacks on equipment. Hear how to get the most from your season, and how to improve your painting.

What in the world is going on with Plein Air? Eric Rhodes, Publisher of Plein Air Magazine, discusses trends in painting and you’ll learn about painters who are making their mark in plein air painting today.

Plein Air Painting Demonstration: Award winning artist Brian Sindler demonstrates his tonalistic approach to painting en plein air. He’ll discuss his transition from impressionism to tonalism, and his switch from oils to acrylics. Brian was recently featured in Plein Air and Fine Art Connoisseur Magazines.

Strategy and Tactics for Marketing Your Plein Air Painting: Guests Eric Steinhardt, John Strand and Nancie King Mertz offer strategy and tactics for marketing your Plein Air paintings. By the end of this session, you’ll know what you want and need to do to create a presence for you and your art work.

Strategy and Tactics for Exhibiting Your Art: Jen Stanley and Jerry Stevens from the PAPC exhibits team will tell you about this year’s 4 exhibits and give you insights to plan your exhibiting strategy. Jerry and Junior will discuss wiring practices and how to create and plan for a cohesive collection to increase the likelihood of sales.

Demo and Discussion Painting Large Part 1: Joe Gyurcsak, Artist in Residence at Blick Art Materials, and recipient of the Grand Prize at Plein Air Easton (PA) 2017 painting large, shares his experience and 10 tips. 

Demo and Discussion Painting Large Part 2: Ray Vlcek and Jen Stanley show easels, gear, and ways to secure your easel against the wind and elements.

A Glimpse at the 2020 PAPC Season: Learn about the PAPC’s paint out locations, guest artist visits and special member-only events, as well as what we’re doing to make the season a success behind the scenes.

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Other Events & Exhibits

Throughout the year 

PAPC hosts a variety of events and exhibits throughout the year. Members are invited to participate in painting competitions and exhibits at various locations throughout Chicago, including their Annual Members Exhibit. Accomplished guest artists provide  critiques of member work (virtually or in-person). Lectures, discussion groups, and workshops are regularly offered. 

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