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We think of anyone who loves painting plein air as a member. We see ourselves as an inclusive group that encourages painting outside. Everyone who wants to paint outside should come out and paint with us. Anyone, who loves art and painting should observe our paint-outs and visit our exhibits. We encourage you to become a patron of the PAPC.

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Paid Membership

Plein Air Painters Chicago has more than 60 paid members. These individuals frequent the paint-outs and enjoy the membership benefits of participation in low cost or free exhibit opportunities, and educational and social events. Paid members are are also entitled to submit work for critiques, from our knowledgable and credible Guest Artists during paint-outs. 

2018 Plein Air Painters of Chicago 

Membership Benefits and Activities 

Plein Air Painters of Chicago (PAPC) became an official membership organization in 2018. The 2018 Plein Air Painters of Chicago offers…

  • Opportunities to paint plein air with an encouraging group at all levels of experience
  • Demos and workshops to improve skills in painting 
  • Four exhibits with sales opportunities in neighborhood where we painted, and our Annual PAPC exhibit at the Palette and Chisel, Nov. 30-December 9)
  • Camraderie, encouragement and fun!
  • Members are included in the Palette and Chisel Under $300 Annual Art Sale
  • Communication and Social Media
  • Members-only emails on locations, exhibits and special events
  • FaceBook page  
  • Instagram @PleinAirChicago 
  •  I ❤Plein Air - a one-day workshop offered March 9, 2019, with demos and lectures;  members receive early bird registration and discounted fee

Membership Fee: $65 per person, Good through 12/31/18

Students with identification cards and current enrollment: $35 

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Longe, Mary - PAPC Organizer and Primary Contact

Abbati, Kim


Aronstein, Deb


Arturi, Monika


Baker, Bridget




Beauprie, Karen

Biletska, Zhanna

Calkins, Marcy

Christiensen, Muriel

Comminos, James



Constantinov, Kei

Digan, Amalia

Fairnsworth, Craig

Foss, Tom

Fullerton, Stuart - 2018 Guest Artist



Gallagher, Anne

Harling, Joann

Havey, Susan

Herring, Barbara

Hogan, Kraig


Holder, Doug

Huang, Priscilla

Huber, Pam

Huszagh, Christine

Hwang, Kaitlyn


Jacobson. Errol - 2018 Guest Artist

Kasninnas, Julie

Kennard, Laurie

Khanna, Shefali

Malec, John



Marvin, William

Mason, Jane

Mertz, Nancie - 2018 Guest Artist

Monastyretsky, Walter

Murphy, Maureen


Newman, Kathleen - 2018 Guest Artist

Niccoli, Terry

O'Hair, Dee

Perez, Alvino

Polito, Fred - 2018 Guest Artist

Puttrich, Steve - 2018 Guest Artist


Radtke, Lee - 2018 Guest Artist

Richter, Tobin

Rodriguez, Daisy

Roquena, Fabiola

Schneider, William - 2018 Guest Artist


Skoda, Julie

Speltz, Ann

Stanley, Jennifer

Stevens, Jerry

Sweetwood, Judith


Valente, Michael

Vera, Arturo

Vlcek, Ray

Wackerle, Fred

Weidner, Stephanie - 2018 Guest Artist


Woodbury, Karen

Yang, Don - 2018 Guest Artist

Yang, Jean

Powers, Scott Tallman - Founder, Member For Life!